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  • 28 March 2019

    We would like to present the first volume of the digital version of the chronicle of the Embassy of Polish Republic in Latvia, which includes the period from 1931, when the building of the Legation at 6B, Mednieku Street became the property of Polish State Treasury, through the 90ies, when the retrieved building was being restored to its former glory after the period of the occupation of Latvia.

    The  1990s were the term of office of Jarosław Lindenberg, the first Ambassador of Poland in the resurgent Republic of Latvia.

    It was the time when the bilateral political, economic, cultural and educational relations were rebuilt. It is also the period when many agreements were signed,  for example,  the Treaty on Friendship and Cooperation between Poland and Latvia (1st July,  1992). The digital chronicle contains  rich photographic material from the collections of the Embassy and private archives that presents the functioning of the Embassy, major  political and cultural life events, as well as shows the cooperation with the representatives of Polish society in Latvia.

    The chronicling tradition was born together with the founding of Polish diplomatic  mission in Latvia and is still continuing.



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