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  • Internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


    Please be informed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has implemented new regulations regarding volunteer work, traineeships and internships at  its units in Poland and the Polish diplomatic missions abroad. From May 30, 2011, it is now possible to apply for:


    • a work placement as a part of a study programme from the third year of study up;
    • an internship for students and graduates at the post-secondary level and further education level;
    • an internship for the unemployed registered at their Regional Labour Office;
    • a vocational apprenticeship (only at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Headquarters);
    • a volunteer position.

    All placements can take place throughout the whole year. An apprenticeship or a placement within a study programme shall not last for longer than three months. All positions are usually unpaid, however in some instances interns might be paid.

    An eligible candidate for student and graduate positions must hold a Polish citizenship or a citizenship of any other EU member state and be fluent in Polish language. The candidate should be completing or be able to present a degree in the field relevant to the work of the Ministry.

    Applications should include:


    • a clean criminal record statement
    • a signed copy of the rules of conditions governing the placement/internship/apprenticeship/volunteer position,
    • a personal application form,
    • a copy of an ID/passport,
    • copies of any other relevant documents supporting the application (e.g. academic recommendation, language certificates, etc.).

    The required forms can be found at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website: http://www.msz.gov.pl/pl/ministerstwo/praca_i_kariera/praktyki/formularze_dokumenty/

    The application should not be send in later than 45 days before the proposed starting date of a placement. Both physical copies and scans will be considered. Printed copies should be filled in with black ink only and sent at: Biuro Spraw Osobowych, Al. J. Ch. Szucha 23, 00-580 Warszawa, Poland.

    Digital copies and any further queries should be send at praktyki@msz.gov.pl. Additional information is available under the following phone numbers: 00 48 22 523 81 67 and 00 48 22 523 82 78.

    Applications for the diplomatic missions abroad should be sent directly to the chosen units.

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