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  • Broadcast of the Polish Association in Latvia “Nasz głos”



    For the first time it appeared on 1st November 1989 at 5.50 PM. With the words “You are listening to the broadcast of the Polish Association in Latvia “Nasz głos” (“Our voice”) accompanied by famous patriotic song “Rota”, Ita Kozakiewicz, outstanding activist of the Polish Association in Latvia, started the first edition of the program.

    For more than twenty years the broadcast has started with the same words. The first editors of “Nasz głos”, till October 1990, were Ita Kozakiewicz and Zbigniew Mieszkowski. After tragical death of Ita Kozakiewicz the program had been created by Zbigniew Mieszkowski in co-operation with Maria Łuczkin (till 1996). From 1996 till 2002 the function of editor was exercised by Michał Bartuszewicz, who – at the same time –was the editor-in-chief of the magazine “Polak na Łotwie” (“Pole in Latvia”). In 2002 he was replaced by Romuald Lebedek, who worked in this position till 2003. From 2003 till now the editor-in-chief of “Nasz Głos” is Irena Lieģeniece.

    We kindly invite you to listen to “Nasz głos” on each first Monday of the month at 7.15 PM:          

    Ryga – 107,7 MHz

    Daugavpils – 104 MHz

    Ventspils – 95,3 MHz

    Rēzekne – 107,5 MHz

    Liepāja – 97,9 MHz


    on the fourth Channel of Latvian Radio www.latvijasradio.lv


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